1. Thermal Stencil Copier

Product code: TSC


A4 Thermal-Copier for Tattooing - Made in Germany
This is a studio quality machine for professionals only.
Carton includes:
- A4 Machine with New Zealand Power Cord (220/240V power)
- A4 Thermal Carrier
- Machine Operation Guide
- Tattoo Operation Guide
- Sample Spirit Paper Image
- 12 Month Warranty

Allow 14 - 21 working days for delivery.

German and backed with a full 100% New Zealand  warranty directly by us, an authorised New Zealand  importer, should you need support. Use only Genuine Spirit Paper (USA made) and a quality Thermal Carrier for top quality results.

Don't get caught buying a cheap Chinese copy or a re-badged 'fax machine' that doesn't work, this is a professional studio system.

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1. Thermal Stencil Copier

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