1. Thermal Stencil Copier

Product code: TSC


A4 Thermal-Copier for Tattooing - Made in Germany
This is a studio quality machine for professionals only.
Carton includes:
- A4 Machine with New Zealand Power Cord (220/240V power)
- A4 Thermal Carrier
- Machine Operation Guide
- Tattoo Operation Guide
- Sample Spirit Paper Image
- 12 Month Warranty

Allow 14 - 21 working days for delivery.

German and backed with a full 100% New Zealand  warranty directly by us, an authorised New Zealand  importer, should you need support. Use only Genuine Spirit Paper (USA made) and a quality Thermal Carrier for top quality results.

Please note our warranty only covers Copiers purchased through us, we do not cover units parallel imported by 3rd parties.

Don't get caught buying a cheap Chinese copy or a re-badged 'fax machine' that doesn't work, this is a professional studio system.

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1. Thermal Stencil Copier

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